Monday, September 17, 2012

It isn't half going dark early these days.

I was still out pointing the wall this evening when the first of the solar nightlights came on. 19:40 that was, long after knocking off time too. Mind you, it wasn't as if I was unaware of the time either, but I'm falling behind again with this wall and I won't be here tomorrow either.

Today I had to go to help Rosemarie unload this van with all of this new furniture. Quite modern it is, but made of oak and in a period style that perfectly matches the type of house that you find round here. I'm not much of a one for aesthetics as you know, but it really is beautiful stuff. The guy who delivers it was quite a useful person to know. He runs a business having articles delivered to him which he then brings down to France for the purchaser. We had a lengthy chat and I'll be having a few more chats with him too.

Then I had to go with Terry to the quarry for some more sand - and so all in all it was 16:20 when I started on the wall, so you see why I'm getting all behind. I had a couple more stones drop out on me when I was raking out the old cement - that part of wall really was badly damaged. Anyway, a few oversized stones hammered deep into the gap and that should hold it up, I hope.

So why aren't I going up the wall tomorrow then? Simply that Terry and I own a mini digger that we hire out and it was out at the weekend. The guy offered us cash, or a huge load of wood instead. Wood being more valuable than the cash, Terry ended up with a huge tralier load so I have to go to help Terry cut it into 30cm lengths and then I can load up Caliburn with my share. Wood is a vital part of life round here, especially when it's -20°C here in February.

I've still not found my dictaphone and mobile phone either, but 1O minutes searching threw up a few other things that I've been looking for. And I almost forgot to mention that I did go to LIDL this morning and they had 3 packets of those lights left. Or, rather, they did. So now I have enough for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, as well as for over the workbenches in the barn and the lean-to. But I still need plenty more so I might go a little farther afield this weekend.

In other news, we were having a little chat about this affair in Annecy with this Iraqi family that was massacred. You know, the more I look at this and the more I think about it, the more it looks to me like something that MOSSAD might well have organised. I smell a very large rat with all of this.

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