Saturday, September 29, 2012

We were radioing today

Yes, and just for a change I was up with the alarm clock - I've been just a little lazy just recently. After breakfast I went off to Marcillat to record my rock music programmes for the month of November - we are trying to keep a good two months in advance.

Back here afterwards I had a quick clean-out of Caliburn. Somewhere is the spare battery for the Nikon camera and I reckoned that if I was going to be on a roll for finding stuff I might as well try to find that too - but no such luck as yet. That needs further work, I reckon.

While we are on the subject of finding stuff, on the way down to Liz's to pick her up for Gerzat the Nokia phone rang - it was Liz reminding me about this afternoon. But that goes to prove that the SIM card works, and so does the old Nokia and so that's progress of some sort. At least I'm wired to the world again.

At Gerzat we ran through the 5 radio programmes in no time at all. Bernard was squeezing us in between a couple of other things and so we had to get a move on. We were back at Liz and Terry's for before 17:00 and that doesn't happen too often.

I forgot to mention by the way that yesterday Heather came round. She brought my porridge oats and the Rich Tea biscuits for Rosemarie. The first time that Heather has been round, so she had to call at the doctor's for the Yellow Fever and Plague vaccinations before she arrived. But at least I can now make some more muesli.

Tomorrow, if I don't fall asleep again, I'll be off to Commentry. The weather has improved again and it might be nice tomorrow, so I'll go for a swim if I'm lucky.

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