Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today was a day of finding things.

We started off, quite dramatically, by finding the missing mobile phone. The good news is that the SIM card might actually still work. The bad news is that the phone won't, which is hardly surprising seeing as it's been outside in the rain for the last 6 weeks and I found it in a puddle.

What's surprising about this is that it was just outside the barn door, right where I walk at least twice every day without fail, and how I haven't seen it before today is a total mystery. Even more surprising is that if I heard it "bleep" 5 weeks ago up here in the attic, then there's nothing wrong with my hearing, I'll say.

Back in 2006 my dear departed friend Liz gave me an old Nokia 'phone. It never worked properly and despite buying a couple of new batteries, the battery life worked out to be about 18 hours on stand-by and so I never really used it, and went to all kinds of lengths ti replace it. However I did lose count of the number of times it's been pressed into service in an emergency and as I found it in Caliburn the other day, then it's currently back in service.

At least until the new phone arrives. I wanted an unblocked Samsung (so I just have one set of leads) tri-band (to use in North America) with bluetooth (for the hands-free kit in Caliburn), camera (so I don't have to keep carrying the Nikon on odd little trips out) and memory slot (so I can use it as a walkman) but the prices are unbelievable. In the end I settled for another Nokia - a factory-refurbished 6230 for just £22 seeing as there are no chargers with it - and I have all of that anyway.

So in the mood for finding things, I then found the missing timer switch off the washing machine - just as I was fitting the machine with a plug with a built-in switch, of course. The plug off there I fitted on the chop-saw that I bought ages ago and that works a treat too.

I also uncovered three battery chargers - two of them being the 7-Day Shop ones that I use for charging up AA and AAA batteries. And not just the chargers either - a further mega-search turned up some power cables for them. So they now have my 12-volt plugs on them and they are ready for action.

The third battery charger that I found is also for AA and AAA batteries, and why this is so interesting is that it has screw-holes on the back so that you can fix it to the wall. This is an ancient machine too and why I was pleased to see it was that I intended to screw it into the back of Caliburn and wire it into the ignition system so that there will always be some batteries on charge there. No power cable, though. But seeing as I was in the mood I turned out the barn and actually managed to find it, which astonished me.

While I had the ignition system dismantled, I took the opportunity of dismantling the power lead for the coolbox that I installed in Caliburn. I threw away the cigarette lighter plug (I hate those) and wired that directly into the ignition circuit. And so we'll have cold drinks wherever we go too.

I also unearthed a pile of connectors that I'd been looking for for ages, and a few other exciting bits and pieces as well. And I did a few other things, but I can't rightly remember now what they were;

But I shan't know myself at this rate, will I?

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