Thursday, September 27, 2012

today was another day ...

... where I heard the alarm go off properly but the accompanying cloudburst made me turn back over and ... errr ... wait for a while before arising.

So after the usual while on the computer I went outside and started work - and in another major change to my usual lifestyle, I was still out there at 20:00.

First plan was to fit the new handles that I had bought the other day to the gardening tools that were lying around. The rake and the binette worked fine but this sledgehammer handle won't work at all. But anyway, using the new tools, I hacked my way through a huge pile of undergrowth, ripped up piles of nettle and bramble roots, and laid a big tarpaulin on the floor. Onto this I collected up all of the scaffolding that I've been using and laid it out on there.

That was followed by all of the leftover plastic slates, and then I cleaned out all of the wood and the breeze blocks from where I had been working. That gave me some more room to move around there and I could then hack out another pile of brambles.

There's probably only about 30m² of land to clear back there and I reckoned that it wouldn't take long, but I'm being rather optimistic about that. It's going to take a while. But it needs to be done because the next phase is to clear all of the stuff from where I park Caliburn and it's there that I want to put it.

That took me up to about 19:00 and there was still a little job that I needed to do. The charge controller for one of the banks in the barn packed up ages ago and so I've been wiring the panels directly to the solar bank - not that there's enough energy produced to worry the batteries too much. But I need to measure the energy that's going in, and so I disconnected the remote ammeter off the other bank and wired that to it. Not so easy as it's pretty cramped in there so I hope that it'll work okay.

Still, we'll find out tomorrow, won't we?

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