Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well ...

... I did hear the alarm clock go off this morning. But I also heard the rain teeming down on the roof and on the windows and so I thought "badger that for a game of cowboys" and stuck my head back down under the quilt.

I did eventually rise up out of my stinking pit - and what a beautiful night's sleep that was - and after breakfast attacked the footy website until 12:30. By then the rain had subsided and so the first job was to repair the wheelbarrow that had been out of commission since 2008. A new inner tube and, much to my surprise, I could lay my hands on my tyre levers straight away without even having to look for them. The Ryobi One-plus air compressor that I bought in Detroit in 2010 did the business and with a length of stud-iron I rigged up an impromptu axle and that was that all fixed up.

While I was having lunch the heavens opened and so, for the first time in probably 6 months or something, I worked inside, in the little cupboard that I'm making. I gave the plastering over the joints of the plasterboard a good sanding down and they are ready to paint now.

But then the rain stopped again and so back outside, I ripped up the terracing that I had laid out of a couple of old pallets and used those pallets as a base for the extension to the woodshed. And from then (about 16:00 until all of 19:30) I unloaded Caliburn of all of the wood. There's about 4m² of wood altogether in the pile, and I bet that Aunt Ada Doom could find something narsty in that lot.

But the woodshed isn't half impressive and there's room for plenty more under there if I put my mind to it. At least, under normal circumstances, there's enough wood here keep me warm for a couple of winters. And if this rain keeps up, because it's pelting down again, I'll be needing it sooner than I might think. 

Yes, it's amazing what you can make out of old pallets and a few sheets of corrugated iron

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