Friday, September 7, 2012

What a gorgeous tea ;-)

New potatoes, beans and carrots straight out of the garden and into the vegetable steamer, cooked with all my own surplus electtrical energy. Then a veggie burger, onions and garlic fried in a mustard sauce with the vegetables and tipped, for the first time in I really don't know how long, onto a plate. No eating out of the saucepan tonight!

Yes, a meal fit for a king - with all of this surplus electrical energy from the glorious day that we had today, I had to do something with it.

I was up early today but somehow I couldn't find any motivation for the website - no idea why. I've not advanced very far along the fortifications of Québec today. But outside I cracked on and I've done quite a bit. Tons of progress today.

So much so that before I restart on Monday I need to take down half of the scaffolding. The half nearest the fence is now totally surplus to requirements so I need to remove it, rake out the soil to remove the stones, bits of cement and so on, and so I can kneel on the ground and finish off the last rows on that bit.

I'll be looking forward to taking down the scaffolding. There's been scaffolding there of one sort or another since 2002 - that's how long I've been trying to organise this lean-to. Give me another 7 or 8 days and the scaffolding will be gone completely.

It's still rather sad though. This week I should have flown out to Canada for this Blues Festival at Fredericton. But if I do that, and then go back out there next Spring, this lean-to won't be started again until next June and that's far too long to wait. I'm pretty-much determined that I want to finish the outside before I plan any trip anywhere. Do it all this year and that will be that.

So, where shall I go to in October? That is, of course, always assuming that I will have finished this blasted lean-to by then.


  1. The weather here is averaging 86 during the day and 62 at night. Won't be long before the Polar bears start their long Southerly migration.

  2. It's been lovely today. But they say monday is back to autumn again. Shame I wouldn't have minded another week of nice and warm.

  3. Come over here and do this pointing with me, Krys. All the warmth that you want.

  4. Krys could even sit in my study and bask in 86. It's currently 81 at midday. If she felt energetic, she could sweep out some of the cockroach corpses by my front and back doors. I have those big roaches that are about 3 inches long.