Saturday, September 8, 2012

When was the last time ...

... I saw an SD Rover?

I can in fact vaguely remember - early October 2010 in Ohio, USA as it happens, but in the UK is must be years ago when I borrowed one that a mate was halfway through dismantling, so that I could go to Kings Lynn to drops some stuff off on a girl that I was seeing at the time and the exhaust fell off halfway out.

So seeing one this morning in Montlucon was something of a surprise, and seeing a second one an hour or two later was even more astonishing. I've no idea what was going on there but it wasn't half surprising.

And I nearly didn't make it to Montlucon either. Despite the early night I slept right through the alarms and it was only the farmer bringing the cows back (I'm glad I did that wall when I did) that woke me up.

I had a good wander round and bought nothing much out of the ordinary - maybe a pair of these shell trousers that I wear. Auchan had them on sale at €9:99 so I reckoned that I would buy a pair and see what they are like. I'm fast running out of clothes because I left a huge pile in my lock-up in Canada to pick up when I go back - which should have been this weekend but it isn't and that's why I'm running out.

I had a good hour in the pool at Neris as well and finally managed to see the remains of the Roman Baths - how long have I been going there and I haven't seen them before? anyway in the blistering heat the baths was crowded as you might expect. And someone was having fun! A couple were standing about 5 yards apart and hurling an object about between them - the object being a girl of about 3 or 4, and every time she hit the water she was squealing with delight. I was squealing too, but for a different reason. All of the pool was open and the water was absolutely freezing. Almost as cold as that pool in Québec back in May.

Tonight the football season gets under way and with no game at Pionsat I went to watch Marcillat's 1st XI. One division higher than Pionsat theoretically (it's in a different league) but you wouldn't think so. The match was awful and so was Marcillat - they only lost 5-2 but they were lucky to get the two and St Prix should have had a dozen.

I'm off to two matches tomorrow - at Chateaugay for the 2nd XI at 13:00 and then down the road to Clermont la Glacière at 15:00 for the 1st XI. Two teams that I haven't seen before. 

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