Friday, October 26, 2012

A big thank-you ...

... to everyone who thought about me while I was ill. I appreciated it very much.

A couple of you have suggested taking it easy for a while - sentiments with which I totally agree. Accordingly when the alarm clocks went off, I turned over and went back to sleep for a while.

Most of the day has been spent with paperwork - or rather, fiddling about with the printer so that I could print off a pile of paperwork. It didn't print in black last month and so I did everything in blue, but today I spent ages cleaning the heads and managed to get half a black printout. One of the nozzles is blocked, and so I went to clean the heads again, and it ran out of black ink. I changed the black ink, but it still wasn't printing properly and so I cleaned the heads again. This time it ran out of blue ink, so I changed the blue ink, cleaned the heads, and it's still not printing properly in black. 

This means that for the foreseeable future I'm back to prining everything in blue again. I never seem to have any luck with printers.

This afternoon, I selected all of the music for the rock pragrammes but this evening was something exciting and unusual - Nan was having a little do and I was invited, as were Cécile, Gilles and Zoe. We had a snack and played charades and so on for a few hours. It's not like me to be sociable, is it?

Tomorrow is recording our rock programmes and so I won't be doing too much tomorrow morning either.

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  1. You have two options - either get a series of dirt-cheap printers and toss them when they stop working or get a good printer that has replaceable heads.