Friday, October 26, 2012

I was right ...

... about one thing. I didn't do too much today.

Up with the lark this morning and after breakfast (I'm back to 3 meals a day now) I cleared off to Marcillat to record the rock music programmes for the following month - get them out of the way as quickly as possible.

It didn't take long either - a mere 28 minutes - and I was back here by 10:45.

Paperwork was next and then I carried on with the website - I've almost finished my walk around the city of Québec and it might even be on line by the end of next week.

I did intend to go outside today but the rain, that started as a slight drizzle, was by now a torrential downpour and so I made a butty and came up here to watch a film. The Lady In Cement, starring none other than Frank Sinatra as a Philip Marlowe-type detective but with Attitude. This film was a sequel to Sinatra's Tony Rome, which I found in a junk shop for €1:99 and which so fascinated me that I bought the sequel full-price. If there ever are any doubts about Sinatra's acting ability then The Lady in Cement will dispel them completely because there are a few scenes in there that are magnificent, and it's been a long time since I've said that about an acting performance.

These two films are so good that it did make me wonder whether or not they were ever going to make some kind of series out of them.

Anyway, after that I went downstairs and carried on working on the shelving for the cupboard. Part of the problem with the wood that I buy is that it's rough-cut stuff and so much of the time was spent sanding it all down ready to assemble. Given a few days of heavy weather though next week even that lot might be finished. It won't half be nice to have somewhere to store all of the stuff down there when the shelving is completed.

Tomorrow though I'm off to Montlucon if I wake up early enough. I need to make a mega-shop as I'm running low on stuff. And that reminds me - the next monthly mega-shop that I do isn't going to be in France ;-) 

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