Saturday, October 27, 2012

Who was it who laughed ...

... when I said the other day that winter was on its way here and that it would be snowing before much longer.

Well, there you are. This was what greeted me this morning - first snow of the year and it's still October and we're still on summer hours here.

The main reason for wanting to go to Montlucon was to go for a swim but I really didn't fancy it in this weather and so I declined. I stayed in this morning and did some more paperwork.

This afternoon we had an hour or two of glorious weather - hardly a cloud in the sky - and so I nipped into St Eloy and did a dash around LIDL and Carrefour, spending a grand total of €18 on the weekly food shopping bill.

The other day coming back from Nan's, I noticed that Caliburn seemed to have his brake lights stuck on. An investigation revealed that it was the driver's side bulb showing both filaments at night. Taking it out this afternoon, the nearside lights worked as they should. Closer inspection revealed that the bulb's shaft had fractured, the two internal wires were twisting and the current for the rear light was passing through the touching wires, lighting up the brake light as well. Pressing the brakes, the current for the brake light was simply running to earth down the fractured shaft of the bulb. Anyway, a new bulb has resolved that problem and we now have rear lights and brake lights like we are supposed to. My first guess of an earthing fault wasn't so far out.

This afternoon I watched some footy on the computer and then prepared myself to go to Marcillat to watch the footy. It's cup weekend in the Puy-de-Dome and as you know, Pionsat were eliminated a couple of weeks ago. But to cut a long story short ... "hooray" - ed ... there was an inch of snow on the ground and it was falling thick and fast.

That put an end to the plans for going out, and I shan't be moving now until it warms up again. See you in April.     


  1. Not me, Eric. It's been bitterly cold here too and yesterday early morning there was snow (I gather - I didn't see it) and later on some sleet. Not nice when you're still in BST (just)!

  2. There was a half inch of snow here too. Brrrr! Dark early too now the clocks have gone back.