Sunday, October 28, 2012


It's freezing outside - minus 1.6°C - and it's been cold all day as you can tell by looking at this pic of the Puy-de-Dome in the distance.

Winter has arrived, early as we predicted, and still in October too. Totally crazy.

So this morning with the extra hour in bed, I was up and about at 09:20 and after breakfast and the usual paperwork, I spent a couple of hours doing some housework, cleaning and dusting, seeing as it's been such a long time since I've done any. I can actually see some floor now.

This afternoon I went out to Terjat to watch them play Neris's 2nd XI. An Allier Division 1 match, theoretically the same level at which Pionsat's 1st XI play, but there wasn't a single player out there whom I would chose for Pionsat - the quality really is quite poor in the Allier. Neris are quite high up in the league and Terjat are mid-table, yet you wouldn't have thought so. The first half with Terjat kicking into a howling wind, the match was played mostly in the Terjat half, but Neris were to all intents and purposes clueless in attack. In the second half, playing with the wind, Terjat scored 2 goals in quick sucession and as the wind dropped, Neris scored late in the game, due to a defensive howler in the Terjat penalty area.

After that I went to Liz and Terry's to rehearse our radio programmes. Liz made a lovely tea and I had a nice warm shower for which I was grateful.

Back here though it's freezing and I was sorely tempted to light the fire up here. Novemer 17th in 2010 - November 27th in 2011 - but the first fire in October is just crazy. If it's as cold as this tomorrow and I'm in all evening it will definitely be lit.


  1. Does this mean Global Warming is here?

  2. It's warmed up a fair bit here so maybe it will spread to you soon.

  3. There's no point freezing your ass off and getting a stinking cold/flu over the name of a month. Get it lit Eric!