Monday, October 15, 2012

I had an exciting, if unexpected ...

... afternoon out today.

Not this morning though. I put in a good stint on the computer and wrote the match report for yesterday's game at Pionsat, which is now on line. It makes rather depressing reading but nevertheless it needed to be done. That took me all the way through to 14:30 - there was a lot to write.

Meantime, I had had a phone call. It seems that the window that Rosemarie had bought had turned out to be the wrong size - Terry had given her the dimensions of the hole, not the window. It meant that the window needed to be taken back and exchanged - involving some fairly hefty negotiation and it seemed that I was required for that.

Round to Rosemarie's I duly went this afternoon, and we loaded up the window, and Rosemarie very kindly put some diesel in Caliburn, and off we went. Changing the window was no problem (except that they didn't have one in and so it needed to be ordered) but no refund of any difference. I don't suppose anyone could complain too much about that - Rosemarie was half-expecting an argument.

Never being backwards at coming forward, I took advantage of Rosemarie's presence and we went off to Brico Depot where I loaded up Caliburn with a pile of grillage - the mesh mats that you use when you are laying concrete onto a hard surface without any hardcore.

I also bought 4 pylons - the steel mesh reinforcing that you put inside hollow breeze blocks to support the walls so that they don't fall down on passing children. These come in 6-metre lengths and so we cut them down to 8x3-metre lengths that I can use inside these hollow blocks that I have here to make pillars and so on. Nothing like having a handy volunteer.

After a coffee and a chat, I came home. It's cold and damp despite the beautiful day that we had, so I'm not going out again. I'll save my strength for tomorrow.

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