Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What a horrible day.

Yes, after the nice day that we had yesterday, today is definitely the start of winter. Cold, wet, grey and miserable - but that's enough about me, the weather is even worse.

This morning I did my usual bit on the computer as well as chatting on the phone for a while to Nan. But then outside it was absolutely teeming down and so this afternoon I've been working inside.

I've laid the floor in the cupboard on the first floor and then I made a start making the rails for the shelves that are going to be fitted in there. Another day or two and that well see them finished, and then they need varnishing before I can install them in there. Once that's done, I can then start putting stuff in there and that will make more space for moving around.

What I've been doing this evening though while I was watching a film is something else that I should have been doing in the past. There are screws and nails and so on all over the place, in buckets, bowls and all that kind of thing. And so I brought a bucket up here together with a pile of empty boxes, and I've been sorting everything out. I've collected an enormous number of screws that I'm currently sorting into different sizes, and then I have to do the same with the nails. Once all of that is done I can fetch another pile of stuff. It's amazing what I'm finding too - all kinds of stuff that I had mislaid or forgotten all about.

I was going to cook one of my mega-meals tonight but just as I was about to go downstairs the phone rang - Percy Penguin wanting a chat. So 40 minutes later it was far too late to cook and so I'll be going to bed in a moment.

But not before I've seen the second half of the Honduras - Canada football match. 47 minutes gone and Canada are already 5-0 down. It's a relief to know that it's not just Pionsat who are struggling in the Cup.

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