Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I was looking through ....

.... the stats for the past few years (the records that I have here go back to 2007) and one thing that I noticed is that this recent deterioration in the weather is occurring about 4 weeks earlier than in the previous years. I hope that it's not a forewarning because it won't be very nice if it is.

Yes, last night was absolutely taters - temperature in my room dropped to 15.5°C. Hard to believe that this time last year it was still well into the 20s.

Anyway, a howling wind (good news for the wind turbines) brought the temperature up a few degrees.

This morning, after recording a few stats, I cracked on with my web site. I'm on my way to see St Andrews, the Scottish Protestant Church in Québec at the moment. And when I finished that I went outside and emptied Caliburn of all of the pylons and the grillage that I had bought the other day.

After lunch I carried on moving stuff off the hardstanding - something that is going to take me years. One of the difficulties I'm having is actually finding room to put stuff. But all of the old chevrons have been moved (back to where I moved them from 2 years ago) and I've also uprooted tons of nettles and entire root systems. Totally frightening, what was growing in the hardstanding. Tomorrow it will be more of the same, I reckon.

But there is an added complication in that part of the bank of the side of the hardstanding has collapsed, so i'll need to dig that all out and then to secure it all somehow, otherwise it will just keep on slipping down and that will be a nuisance, to say the least.

This tidying up of all of the nuts and screws and nails and so on is progressing apace. It's amazing what I've been finding. It's also turning out to be quite profitable - so far £0:15 and a token for the spin dryer in the laundry. Spend, spend, spend, hey? 


  1. You're always complaining about rocks and boulders in your garden - you could use them to build a wall to retain the bank.

    Alternatively you could put a photo of a taxman in front of the bank. That should keep it in line.

  2. Here it normally goes crappy at the end of the 1st week in November. It's been about 5 to 6 weeks early this year. I'm forecasting a bad and long winter this year. For example i've never seen Blackbirds flock before. They are normally too territorial and I've never seen them not only eat rowan berries but also clean up every single berry from the floor too. It suggests building up reserves for a hard winter. Brrr. I'm not looking forward to it.