Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I lit the fire ...

... tonight too. Not for any particular reason (it wasn't all that cold and I wasn't planning on cookiong anything) but it just seemed like a plan.

And it was a glorious day today too - not a cloud in the sky all day. First job, now that I'm on winter hours, is to cut wood. Some out of the lean-to and some from off this big pile that I've been moving around from one place to another. That took a while, especially as I was interrupted by a phone call from Percy Penguin, but now that I'm a little-better organised I can spend the usual 15 minutes per day on the wood.

After that, one job I've not done for ages is to replace all of the batteries in the ancillary equipment. I put a pile of those on charge and then went round changing everything. We now have tons of stuff working that wasn't working before, even including the projector clock.

This afternoon saw me tidying up some stuff (yes, honestly!) and then working on the bank at the back of the hardstanding - pulling out the overhanging rocks. As for all of the soil, I'll shovel it into the back of Caliburn one of these days, and move it somewhere.

In the verandah later I made a mega pepper-and-lentil curry, which should keep me going of te next short while. No more courgettes though - the frost has done for them.  

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