Thursday, November 1, 2012

I was in bed ...

... at some kind of ridiculous time last night - long before midnight in fact. And I went out like a light and didn't wake up until about 06:30. I wish that I could do that more often.

What with one thing and another (and once you start, you'll be surprised just how many other things there are), I was detained up here until lunchtime and so it wasn't until about 14:30 that I went out to play. Another pile of wood was cut and then I made a start on ... the garden, would you believe? In the potato bed pulling out the weeds and about three potatoes. It's been a miserable year for spuds.

I also pulled the courgette and about 10 chili peppers off the relevant plants. The frost has well-and-truly done for the plants but the fruits are still there. The courgette will be in next week's curry and the chili peppers are currently drying out.

No fire tonight either although it's rather close to the limit. There wasn't anything to cook particularly. And tomorrow is a Bank Holiday here. I usually have bank holidays off but I've yet to have one this year, so busy have I been, and so tomorrow my feet will be up all day.

And quite right too. I deserve it


  1. You do deserve a rest, you work jolly hard one way and another. Enjoy!