Sunday, October 7, 2012

It was Saturday today ...

... and to be honest, I didn't do very much.

Up with the alarm as usual, and after breakfast wrote the text for the rock radio shows for next month. That seems to be the current way of spending Saturday mornings these days as I try to organise myself so much better.

After lunch I went for a whizz around St Eloy. LIDL now has acquired a bakery, like the LIDL in Commentry. It was the grand opening today and so they were handing out free bits of bread and also coffee to the clients. Nothing of any such at Carrefour though, and in any case I just bought the usual items - nothing at all that was special.

It was my day for meeting people though. In Carrefour I met some friends of my Dutch neighbour Lieneke and we had a lengthy chat. In LIDL I met Michael from the footy club, and we had a lengthy chat too. And he had some exciting news. The draw for the Cup was made this morning and Pionsat, for their pains, have been drawn against none other than Clermont Foot. They were in the French Premier League not so long ago and now play in Division Two - only about 9 levels higher than Pionsat. Even if they send their reserves, which is likely, it'll still be the biggest day ever in the history of Pionsat. We'll have to go all out to attract a bumper crowd.

This evening I went to see Marcillat play, and a more one-sided match I have never seen. About 89 and a half of the 90 minutes were played just outside Marcillat's penalty area and how Villeneuve only scored one goal is a total mystery to me. Even so, it still wasn't enough to win the game as during the 75th minute one of Marcillat's players, the n°8, took the ball all the way from his own penalty area through about 30 tackles and into the Villeneuve box. His shot was blocked but another player following up slotted the rebound into the net. Taking the ball out of the net and kicking it upfield was all that the Villeneuve keeper did during the match.

And me? I'm off to Cellule tomorrow for Pionsat's 1st XI. Michael thinks that we might be at almost full strength tomorow and won't  that be a change?

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