Friday, October 5, 2012

Talk about early!

Yes, I had knocked off work today by 16:45!

But there was a reason for that. On my official skywatching scale, today would be described as "glorious". So much so that when a small cloud floated by at about 15:30 I stood and watched it.

The batteries were fully-charged by midday and by 16:45 I had hot water at 64°C. All of this can only mean one thing, and so I fetched out the washing machine. Loads of washing here as it's been a few weeks since I last did some, and so that was that. Off we went.

Of course, washing means clean sheets, quilt cover and pillowcases and I'm still smoking from the other day. But not to worry - 5 litres of water at 64°C into the solar shower to push that temperature up, and I had a gorgeous and most unexpected shower, followed by clean clothes and the like. That'll all go nicely with the clean bedding.

While the washing machine was still going, I went and had another look at these LED strip lights. The batteries that I had been burning were up to 12.55 volts (of course they didn't stay like that) and when I switched on the strip light that I had fitted the other day, well, I wasn't disappointed in the least - quite the reverse in fact. So much so that I disconnected the 12-volt flourescent strip light over the work bench in the barn and installed a pair of these, together with the appropriate switch. These are impressive, these strip lights, and I'm going to buy more of these wherever I can find them.

This morning though I was feeling inspired for the first time for ages and had a good session on the web site. But I was interrupted for half an hour as Terry needed to go to the quarry and wanted a hand.

With being nice and clean, I won't go to Commentry and the swimming baths tomorrow - i'll just go for a quick flash around St Eloy. It really was a nice, unexpectedly good day today and I'm glad that I took full advantage.

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