Thursday, October 4, 2012

I started moving ...

... the stuff from off the hardstanding today. I laid down a sheet of plastic behind the Mercedes, covered it in cardboard, and then stacked up all of the breeze blocks that were lying around. And as I tool a wheelbarrow-load of rubble up to the rubble pile, I came back with a barrow load of breeze blocks and so the pile down here is growing while the pile up there is shrinking.

Mind you, it's going to take ages to move it all - not least because I need to rake up all of the rubble from out of the sand and clay that came out of the wall. And if it's at all possible I need to remove the sand and clay and use that to fill in the paths between the raised beds.

But even so, I didn't do too much because at about 15:30 the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour. Impossible to work outside. That was the cue to come inside and I had a good search for the mop and mop bucket (which I eventually found) and then I washed out and mopped up the cupboard that I had been building.

When that was clean, dry and dust-free I then made a start on crepi-ing the walls. I've gone for crepi in there as it hides all of the imperfections and bad joints - it's not easy working in a space that's 1.5m x 0.80m. I've painted about half of it before I called it a night - at 19:55. You can see how much I'm enjoying it, even if it is a swine to apply.

But at least, this idea of having work outside in the good weather, and work inside in the bad weather - that seems to be paying off as I always thought that it would.

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