Thursday, October 4, 2012

I set fire to my brassière today.

As you know, i've been scything down the undergrowth next to the lean-to to create a load of space where I can store all kinds of stuff while I carry out stage 2, but I've been overwhelmed.

6 trees I've cut down, with enough firewood to keep me going for a month I reckon, and all kinds of shrub and undergrowth, but apart from the stuff that could be composted, there was nowhere else to put all of the brambles and so on.

It was then that I remembered that last year I bought a brassière from Brico Depot and so I spent a very enthralling afternoon burning all of the stuff that won't compost. And didn't it burn well too?

So this morning after an early start and a couple of hours on the internet I went out to attack the jungle. Like I say, I cut down 6 trees but one of them was a proper full-sized tree and that took some moving. I must have spent about an hour digging up the tree stump.

But the area to the side and to the rear of the old Mercedes is now clear, and the next job is to move all of the stones and rubble from the wall of the lean-to that are there to the left.

Once they are all g one, I can rake over everywhere and level it all out and then lay the tarpaulin out, and then start moving all of the stuff from off the hardstanding out in front. It's going to take me an age to do it all. In fact I was so carried away that it was 19:20 when I knocked off today.

In other news, my "new" mobile phone arrived. It's not new, but a factory-reconditioned one with all bells and whistles and on examining it, I discovered that not only did it have the previous owner's address books, it had her bank account details and bank card PINs stored in the memory. What a crazy thing for the previous owner to do, especially with the number of phones that are stolen each year. And then not wipe off the data when you part-ex the phone - and then for the refurbishing company not to do it - makes me wonder what kind of refurbishing job that they have done.

But aren't some people totally crazy?


  1. Shh.... Tiptoe past that Mercedes... It looks like the paint is the only thing holding it together. With the back end sunk into the ground I rather suspect that the underside might have become one with the earth.

  2. Car is on a large plastic sheet - mind you, as for the Frod Cortina that is still hidden in the bushes ....