Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I had a good day ...

... in Montlucon - not the least of the reasons being that a chance visit to the LIDL came up trumps with another 5 packets of these LED light strips. That's all that I shall be needing anyway.

So having picked up Rosemarie's window we went off to Brico Depot. I bought a tarpaulin to go on the ground where I'm clearing, and I also priced up a whole pile of other stuff that I need for this concreting that I'll be doing. No suitable wood for shuttering though  - I'll have to have some cut at a sawmill.

The Fresh food place came up trumps with everything that I need for my pickling, except the malt vinegar for the shallots, but then again at NOZ they were selling white vinegar flavoured with tarragon and that will do just as nicely.

So after dropping off Rosemarie's window and helping her with her shutters I came back here and did a little tidying up in the barn. I found the other missing sledgehammer and a few other gardening tools, and I also worked out why the desk light in the barn, over the battery bank, isn't working. Seems that the wire has become disconnected and its probably been like that for years too. So when I finished that I took off the flourescent light and fitted one of these LED strip lights in place. At first I was disappointed but then I realised that I had disconnected the good batteries and I was trying to burn some old ones, and I had a reading of just 7.8 volts. With 12 volts it should be pretty impressive I reckon, but that's for another day.

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