Monday, October 1, 2012

By the time you read this ...

... I shall be well tucked up in the Land of Nod as I'm thoroughly exhausted.

This morning nothing much happened but with a good run at the website I managed to do all of the photos and write the text for Pionsat's famous victory yesterday at Briffons - you can read the text here if you like.

Rosemarie came round at lunchtime and so while I moved the scaffolding and cleared out the weeds, brambles and small trees from around the Mercedes, she dug up the onions and garlic and pulled some dried beans off the plants. Tons of all of that stuff - a good fruitful exercise.

But doing this garden is driving me nuts. The brambles have torn lumps out of me, the nettles have stung me to death and so on and some of the tree roots took ages to dig up, but it's looking all quite good there now. Just that one big tree to cut down and rip up.

Tomorrow I'm off to Montlucon with Rosemarie to buy her window and a few other bits and pieces that I need, and then iI'll be carrying on in this patch of land, sorting out the stones and levelling everywhere off - eventuallt to bring everything round there from off the hardstanding.

At the Anglo-French Group this evening we had the biggest crowd for ages with two new attendees. Nice to see some new faces.

Anyway, that's it. Off to bed before I fall asleep.

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