Friday, November 23, 2012

A great deal has happened ...

... since I last updated this load of rubbish that you are reading. In fact, right now I'm in a windswept and wet Dieppe Harbour waiting for a ferry, having slept overnight on a supermarket carpark somewhere between Chartres and Rouen.

My ferry's not until quite late but I wanted to arrive earlier so that I could have a good wander around the town, but no-one is going anywhere in this depressing and miserable weather. At least it isn't snowing.

So on Wednesday I tidied up the place ready for Cécile and she came round in the afternoon to help me dig over the potato beds. We managed three of the raised beds in between the showers, and then knocked off at dusk for food - a dollop of my legendary red pepper and lentil curry, with rice and fried mushrooms.

Later, we went to Gerzat to pick up a settee and armchair that she had bought off . That's one of the problems with only having a small car like a Nissan Micra - you can't move anything with it. We ended up chatting for ages afterwards and it was something ridiculous like 02:30 when I arrived home.

Thursday was cleaning, fetching Kate's stuff, loading the van, socialising for our games evening with Cécile, Nan and Zoë, and afterwards I hit the road.

And here I am.

I've no idea where i'll be next.

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