Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I've made a start ...

... on fitting the new floor in where the bathroom, or to be more precise, the shower room is going to be, and there's one very unhappy bunny here.

The tongue-and-grooving is from Brico Depot and it's a major mistake to buy anything from there. 5 packs of flooring I've bought, all of the same brand, all bought at the same time, and the packets are all of different thicknesses.

Not only that, the tongues of one packet don't correspond to the grooves of the others either so when you firmly nail one lot down, the subsequent packet won't slide properly underneath and you have to lever it up a little. All in all, it's looking quite a mess - not the neat and tidy little job I was hoping for.

I haven't finished it because I ran out of light so that's not going to be done until I come back from the UK.

This morning though, I made a start on the Christmas Special that we do for Radio Arverne. This is an hour-long programme, mostly speech but with some music as well and it doesn't half take some writing. Today though, I've been researching and gathering material. I'm not going to tell you the subject matter though - you can wait until it's broadcasted.

Tomorrow, though, I'm going to be extremely busy. In the afternoon Cécile is coming round to work in the garden in exchange for the work that I did for her last Friday. Of course, I don't want to frighten her away and so I need to do some tidying up, and that will take me all of the morning, and then some, I suppose. Steam-clean the verandah is priority number one, and then empty the composting toilet - that's always a good plan too. I need to empty the verandah as much as possible, because for this winter I want to bring inside the pots of herbs and they are too heavy for me to lift on my own.

I suppose that I'd better go and have an early night then - I need to be fighting fit for tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you need to sand the edges so that some packs will just fit rather than slide together. Might end up having a mildly uneven floor but that could probably be solved with one of those commercial floor sanders.

  2. p.s. The shims stop you developing a bouncy floor which can work out any nails or screws you use over time.