Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I didn't manage to rip up the bathroom floor today.

In fact, I was considerably sidetracked.

This morning though was pretty much more of the same. 11 pages of writing about the French laws of slander and libel - important for ex-pats due to a couple of high-profile court cases just recently concerning postings on social network sites, and you wouldn't believe just how different is the law over here compared to the UK.

Yesterday however when Rosemarie was on the phone, she told me that the swimming baths at St Eloy had reopened after maintenance, and that one of the few times that they are open is Wednesdays at 13:30. And seeing as it's been a good while since I've had a decent soaking, we agreed to meet up this afternoon and go for a swim.

 And so we did. 

Flaming cold in there it was (although not as cold as that swimming baths in Québec last May), but at just €1:88 a ticket, it was value for money and I had a really good scrub in the shower afterwards. I look almost human now. We went for a coffee and a chat afterwards, and then for a wander around a couple of the DiY places.

That wasn't all though. I'm nice and clean now, but my clothes weren't. In fact my bedding walks off into the cupboard every morning under its own steam. Consequently, off I went to the laundrette and washed everything that I could lay my hands on.

Yes, a nice clean me, nice clean clothes and nice clean bedding tonight. I won't know myself, will I?

But we did have a culinary disaster tonight. I made one of my mega-aubergine-and-kidney-bean-chili things tonight, to last me for three days, only to realise that I had forgotten the kidney beans. And then I dropped tonight's portion on the floor in the verandah. Luckily that I had a few more helpings left over.

But what a waste of food, hey?

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