Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm back

And I bet that you didn't know that I've even been away. You may remember that a few weeks ago a small group of us went round to Nan's for some kind of soirée - well tonight, we all went round to Gilles's. 6 of us there were - Nan, Cécile, Zoë, Gilles, Yours Truly, and Isabel. We wined and dined and then played a board game.

It's quite rare this - me socialising, isn't it? But everyone keeps on telling me that I need to get out more.

This morning I didn't have my usual go on the website. Straight after breakfast I attacked the shelf unit and varnished it all. And then I had a problem - the lid of the varnish tin had rusted on and so I had to chisel it off. And it was clearly in no fit state to go back on afterwards. It was a large tin - and expensive too - and so I had to find a few more paint tins, throw away the content, clean out the tins and pour the varnish into that.

Such is life.

Once the varnish had dried I fitted it all into the cupboard - not without having to do a few little alterations, it has to be said, but it fits beautifully. 7 shelves there are, and soon there will be 8, and the metal shelf unit that was in the shower room and which I emptied - didn't even take up one shelf on the new unit. Yes, it's a monster and quite right too.

Actually I'm impressed - it goes quite well in there and fits nicely. When I'm organised - whenever that might be - and the house is well-advanced, there will be tons of room in there to store all kinds of stuff - you can't have too much storage room.

Tomorrow I'll finish off rounding things up and stacking them on the shelves. It's amazing - there's already so much more room to move around and work and once it's all done I might even have enough room to start cutting plasterboard again.

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