Friday, December 14, 2012

I wish I could remember ...

... who it was who rang me at 17:00 today. I would give them a big round of applause. For at 17:00 I should have been at Marianne's helping her move a bed, but instead I was totally flat out - crashed out on the sofa. I do remember having the most vague and incomprehensible discussion with someone while I was trying my very best to wake up. I wonder what the other party must have made of it.

This morning I had the usual couple of hours on the radio programme that I'm trying to write, and then I went out to empty Caliburn seeing as I had this bed to move. But tidying up isn't my strongpoint as you know and it didn't quite work out how it should have done. I ended up leaving the false floor in the van and putting a pile of stuff underneath it.

Pascal, Marianne's son, and I dropped off a few things around Pionsat and then went to the Chateau to pick up this bed. We were also treated to some exciting news - while the Water Board was digging in the chateau yard to lay a new water pipe, part of the yard collapsed and some of their equipment fell into a long-lost subterranean crypt of some description. Of course, Marianne is in her element, or she would be if she were feeling better, because she's been ill too.

While I was there, I told her the news about Bill, and seeing as how she knows her way around French administration and isn't easily cowed, I set her a task to prove that she is worthy - namely, to make the necessary enquiries.

A brief stop at the Intermarché came next. While I was emptying Caliburn, the black cat came around again. Once more, it let me stroke it and pick it up. Clearly starving, the poor thing, and so I bought a box of Munchies and next time I see it I shall give it a handful. That's me well and truly hooked, isn't it?

We had our little social night this evening too, and having made a lucky find in a Charity Shop in Stockton Heath when I was in the UK, I taught a group of French citizens how to play Snakes and Ladders.

Yes  French people playing Snakes and Ladders. There's nothing like a bit of globalisation, is there? Whatever next? Cricket, maybe.


  1. Did they enjoy the snakes and ladders?

    I don't think your cat is entirely feral. If it was it wouldn't come near enough to handle, let alone pick it up. Maybe it was abandoned or lost at some point and has been living wild out of necessity.

  2. Yes, they had a rip-roaring time ;-)

    As for the cat, you may be right but it's hard to see who might have abandoned a cat around here. There are only 5 houses, and only 2 of those are occupied permanently.