Saturday, December 15, 2012

I didn't blog last night either.

No, I was far too busy, working on the radio programme and it was 02:30 before I went to bed.

But at least it's all finished today, all ...errr ... 60kbs of it. That's the equivalent of almost 2 hours of discussion, and then you have to add the ad-libs in too and then of course the music that we'll be playing in between - so that should be enough for the next three years. At least, I hope so.

Friday morning though, I was radioing with Radio Tartasse. It's the rock music programmes for the month of February that I was doing and once again, it only took a very short while. Mind you, much of that was due to the fact that the introduction for the live concert took a mere 22 seconds. The reason for that was because, rummaging around in my drawers, I came across a live concert of "a well-known artist" that lasted 59 minutes and 40 seconds, which doesn't leave much time to do an intro when you only have 1 hour.

Back here, I almost had a shock. I thought at first that Terry had come to visit but it was in fact the boulangère. Instead of a Saturday tournée, she's coming on Fridays now. And so, apart from writing the radio programme, that was that.

Today, the weather warmed up dramatically and it was 17°C in my room when I woke up, and that makes a nice change. At least I was comfortable without the fire when I was doing the radio programme.

Shopping was next on the agenda and then that was that for today. But there's been a change of plan as far as the diet goes. Pasta doesn't work in the oven, and rice is a bit samey day after day and so I've bought a big bag of potatoes. Baked spuds should be just about fine for the rest of the winter I think.

But while I'm on the subject, I've changed the room arounds a little. Moved a bookcase or two  and the odd chest of drawers, and the end wall underneath the little window at the side of the oven became miraculously free and so I've installed the table there. I now actually have a kind of kitchen there and that will be really handy for the winter.

And I heard from Bill. I set Marianne a task viz to contact the hospital. Marianne is not easily brushed aside and managed to find out where he was. So she came up with a number and so I rang him. He's out of danger but he's not himself yet. Time will tell but I'm so relieved. I was really worried.

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