Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've been quiet for a couple of days ...

... and people have been missing me so it seems, which is very nice of them.

The truth is that I've been hiding out in Hebden Bridge with Kate at her new house. It's a nice little house on a small estate on the top of the moors overlooking the town, with a view full-south. She can be pleased with that place.

And having unloaded Caliburn we walked down the steep hill into town, for there was some kind of candle-light parade around the place, as a homage and show of solidarity to those whose properties were badly damaged in the floods. That was quite exciting, as was the meal that we had - a couple of Thai vegan samosas with spicy chili sauce.

Yes, Hebden Bridge is a strange place - so much so that I felt quite out-of-place there as being far too normal for the average run-of the mill inhabitants of the town.

With having no plans until Saturday, Kate offered me another bed for the night in exchange for some work fetching a pile of topsoil and some other gardening stuff for her back garden. That seemed like a good arrangement and so that kept me there until Saturday morning. A pleasant Friday night though, doing some amazing domestic things such as cooking a proper dinner with steamed veg, watching a film on TV, that kind of thing.

But I'm disappointed that I never got to know Kate better when she lived in the Auvergne -
"Kate - do you have a small rucksack for me to take my camera down to town?"
"ohh - errrr yes - well, err, just let me see if I can find it". Yes, a girl after my own heart.

Today I went to see Krys and we spent most of the time chatting, and eventually we went out for a meal. It's actually the first time that I've ever spent more than 5 minutes in Krys's company and we also had a pleasant time.

I'm not sure now what I'm doing tomorrow. There are three possibilities but no-one has got back to me yet. We'll have to see what the day unfolds.

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