Sunday, December 2, 2012

Here's a new ...

... venue for an overnight stay. It's close to Ferrybridge Power Station about 3 miles north of the M62. It's on a diverted section of the A162 and ticks many of the important boxes that are required in an overnight sleeping spot -
1) separated from the main road
2) out of the way but not in the wilderness
3) beichstuhl close by (at the Services)
4) coffee ditto

In fact, apart from the cold Caliburn, Strawberry Moose and Yours truly had a very decent night's stay there.

But today was something of a disappointment. I had three people pencilled in to see today and not one of them was available. Consequently I had a quiet restful day driving down to Sandbach.

I did drop off to somewhere in Stockport - Terry had won a set of wheels and tyres for his van and they needed picking up. I eventually found the place where I should have been (hasn't Stockport changed since I was there in the mid-80s?) and picked up the aforementioned. And Terry won't be disappointed with them.

So tomorrow I'm back on the rounds picking up the stuff that has been ordered while I was here. My little visit is drawing to a close.


  1. I used to kip in the service station car park - find an isolated corner.

  2. There isn't one these days, it's all covered by CCTV and you get fined if you stay longer than 2 hours I think it is. Completely OTT.