Monday, December 3, 2012

There's been something of a disaster ...

... at Sandbach Services. They've taken to locking the door of the lorry-drivers' shower. Mind you, having said that, they haven't locked the door of the disabled toilet, so if I can't have a proper shower, I can have a really good scrub. at this time of night there won't be anyone else needing it.

This morning, it was comparatively warm when I woke up. The rain that we had had through the night seemed to have done the trick. And after a coffee etc at the ASDA down the road from my little hidey-hole, I blitzed the store to buy everything that I needed that they could sell me.

From there I went down to my little storage locker and cleaned it out. There are still quite a few things to come but at least the weed-suppressing blanket had arrived - all 100m² or so of it. I hope that the rest of the stuff comes before tomorrow mid-afternoon as that's my absolute deadline for moving on south.

Toolstation couldn't come up with half of the stuff that I needed and so I'll have to find another branch on my travels - see what they can come up with, and then down to the sign-writer's. A couple of my phone numbers have changed just recently and Caliburn's artwork needs to reflect them. Mind you, he'll have to go back again as Brain of Britain here couldn't remember his Canada phone number. Rhys - do you have it anywhere?

Once I had sorted out Caliburn, a visit to the big new Tesco and then the big Morrison's at Hanley finished off the shopping apart from a few bits and pieces that I can pick up on my travels. Caliburn now looks like a rolling bazaar.

While I was in Fenton having the signwriting attended to, I went off for a walk and noticed a take-away selling curries at £4:50 - with a special offer of rice only 49p extra, and a naan bread included for only 1p more. I haven't had an Indian meal while I've been here, I'm surprised to say, so guess what I had for tea, sitting on the station car park at Alsager and reading the copy of "Last of the Mohicans" that I bought for 50p in a charity shop.

Tomorrow, it's the bank at 09:30 and then off to St Helens to pick up my clothes that are now ready, and then to Warrington for Terry's wheelbarrow. Stoke on Trent in the afternoon for the final emptying of my post box, and I'm having coffee with Kit in Hatfield at 20:30.

It's all go, isn't it?


  1. Well, it could also be here
    Where the number is given as 902 982 2199

  2. It's neither of those. I don't recognise the first one at all, and the second was the temporary number while I was waiting to fix myself up.
    It's a New Brunswick number so it should begin with 1-5 and then something else.
    And you phoned it on the last Friday in April when I was in the snow in Trois Rivières.

  3. Ah... Must have been from my deceased Blackberry - that won't even power on now.