Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here I am ...

.. at Newhaven ferry terminal, waiting for my ship home. A lot has happened in these last few days, not the least of which being to find the truck drivers' showers here at the terminal an hour or so ago.

So Tuesday morning I was at the bank sorting out a few things, although nothing will be sorted out because it is after all the RBS and all of their salesmen are away on a compulsory training course - I wonder why?

From there it was St Helens and my clothes, Warrington and a wheelbarrow, Stoke and some stuff for Bill, and then a wheel that I had ordered off the internet for just £11:50 plus vat dramatically turned up so off back to the tyrefitter's from last week and another Hankook. That's 3 new Hankooks and a newish Hankook-profile tyre, so at least we are okay for summer tyres, even if the blasted tyrefitters did break Caliburn's spare wheel carrier.

I made it down to Hatfield after that to say "bye" to Kit and I met her new boyfriend. We ended up chatting till quite late, and then I hit the road towards Aldershot.

Next day I kicked my heels all around Guildford and Aldershot waiting for a phone call and when it finally came (at 21:00) I was told that the meeting that I was to have had been cancelled. I shan't be doing that again - waste of two whole days there, especially as Stafford Rangers were at home on Tuesday night. Still, you live and learn. Better to find out these things right at the very beginning rather than later.

This morning, scraping the ice off the inside and outside of the windscreen for the third day in succession, I spent the morning wandering around the ancient town of Arundel and then ended up in Woking where I found a second-hand DVD shop having a sale, and so despite my promises to myself that I have more than enough films to last for a year, then here I am again.

And here I am again - in Newhaven, waiting for my ship. If all goes according to plan, a clean me will be back home this time tomorrow night. But of course we have snow to contend with. Apparently they've been having blizzards back in the Combrailles today.

I'm glad that I have plenty of wood. 

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