Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've done absolutely nothing today ...

... and quite right too, after my marathon journey yesterday.

On Thursday eveningI didn't mention the howling wind and driving rain that we were having at Newhaven. And it really was "driving" too. Out in the Channel it became even worse. All the vehicles were strapped down and the doors out to the decks were locked. Even in the lounge at the back, the spray was lashing past the windows as the ship crashed through the waves. It's been a long time since I've been in a storm like that out at sea.

This is where I had a few hours' sleep. Somewhere in between Rouen and Evreux. This photo was taken at about 11:30 am and, believe me, it was nothing like this at 07:30 when I stopped. At that time of morning you couldn't see a thing because there was about 6 inches of snow all over the place.

The wind and rain that we had had in the Channel had turned to snowstorms and blizzards by the time we docked, and forward progress was somewhat delayed by nervous drivers who really shouldn't be out there in this kind of weather if they don't like the conditions. I was glad that I had bought some decent tyres, especially when that moron came down this sliproad of the Highway near Rouen and drove straight into the traffic without stopping to give way - in that kind of weather.

No, by 07:30 I was fed up with the conditions and being rather tired, I felt that I could concentrate better on the road and with the conditions if I had a little rest for a while. However, as you can see, the weather took care of itself.

From here it was a relatively straightforward drive back home, stopping at a supermarket in Orleans for some food-shopping, and in Montlucon for some diesel and some Seitan slices for my Christmas dinner (something else I forgot to buy in the UK) and I was back at Ice Station Zebra for 19:00. 2 weeks without heat and my attic was freezing, but a good fire soon sorted that out.

Today, I didn't really do nothing. I wrote the additional notes for the next instalment of radio  programmes and made a start on the Christmas Special. Then I was sidetracked by the footy on the TV (all the local footy is cancelled due to the weather) and finished off the day with boiled rice, tinned veg and tinned chickpea curry, all cooked in my oven. It tasted a million times better than boiled in a saucepan and I'll do this again. I'm really glad that I bought this little stove.

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