Thursday, January 3, 2013

It was back to work today.

First time since I'm not sure when.

However, first task was to start on the web page for my visit to Lévis (that's pronounced "Layvee", not "Levi's") which is across the St Lawrence from the city of Québec. That was a brief excursion on a ferry in the middle of the afternoon during my walk around Québec. It's usually a bad sign for me to encounter a ferry and I'm never in a good humour, because every time I see a ferry, it makes me cross.

Once that was out of the way I had a marathon wood-chopping session. I've used up a pile of wood over the last couple of weeks and so it needed to be replaced. That took quite a while and created a nice pile of sawdust for the composting toilet. It's also made a nice little space in the lean-to and I'm hoping that I can crack on with that idea. I'd love to have enough space in there for my little workshop by the end of winter.

Finally, I carried on with the floor in the shower room, and I've worked out why there's a problem with the floor levels. It seems that with the wisdom that only Brico Depot can conjure up, the grooves are off-centre. Now that wouldn't particularly matter if the off-centre was consistent on each plank but in fact, while a pack might be consistent, the batch isn't. And that's just plain ridiculous because there's a planed side and a rough side, so you can't even turn the planks over in order to even out the centres.

For dinner this evening I tried a little experiment. As well as starting off the baked potatoes in the oven, I chopped up a few sprouts and carrots, put them in a pyrex dish with some water and put them in the oven too. Add a veggie burger and onions and garlic in a baking tray and some of the veg water turned into gravy and I had a magnificent evening meal. Just like a king, in fact.

A wise move indeed, buying this little stove as I have said so many times before. And setting up a little kitchen in a corner here, that's working too.


  1. Get Terry to plug in the thicknesser and run the planks through on a very shallower setting. It makes the surface lovely and smooth. Plus more sawdust.

    1. what I've decided to do is that seeing as how the wood looks so much better than any other type of flooring, I'm going to buy 25m² of high-quality stuff and go through, putting a second level on top of the cheap rubbish in the bathroom and of course a layer over the top of the old filthy rubbish in the bedroom. That will look so much nicer.

  2. Good idea Batman. But don't forget to shorten the doors! ;-)