Monday, February 25, 2013

I finally made it ...

... out today. But not by vehicle. I don't mind shifting 35 mm of snow but having to do it over almost 800 metres of lane is rather too much - no danger of having any snowplough down here of course.

But we had a radio programme to record and as Liz managed to extract her car from the snow, I walked down the lane to the main road where she picked me up, and we went off to Marcillat.

No danger of going to Gerzat for the programmes at Radio Arverne though. We've postponed that until a week on Friday. If we are lucky, the snow might have melted by then.

But, in a surprising development, not only has it stopped snowing but we can see the full moon in all its glory. That means that the clouds have thinned right out. I'm curious to see what tomorrow might bring now. More of the same, if previous experience is anything to go by.

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