Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter is back again ...

... and if it carries on like this, I'll be spending tomorrow digging myself out of a snowdrift or something.

It's rather a shame as quite recently we've had four or five days of splendid weather, so much so that the temperature in the dump load water heater went off the end of the gauge, which is something quite astonishing  for this time of the year.

But on Thursday the weather turned miserable, which was only to be expected seeing as we were all working outside. Cécile has a huge fir tree that waves about in the wind, and it's right on the boundary of one of her fields against the public highway. It needed to be removed and so on Thursday Terry and I rose to the task. We cut it down in three sections and the noise wasn't half impressive. Cécile filmed it, with the idea, I suppose, of posting it on Youtube if either Terry or I fell out of the tree or in case it fell through the roof of the neighbour but, surprisingly, it all went according to plan and I'll post a few photos on here in due course.

Yesterday we went to Montlucon to buy more stuff for the various projects, and I even gave Caliburn his annual wash, but on the way back the weather broke and we fled to Pooh Corner to sit out the tempest. With no sign of it abating, we braved it back to Ice Station Zebra this afternoon and this is where we'll be staying if the weather doesn't improve.

If I'm snowed in here, at least there's plenty of work to do, and we have a pile of material to do it with too now.

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