Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So how's it going then?

Cécile breezed in as forecast on Thursday in the middle of the night (or really, early morning, to be precise) and spent the day recovering - it's always like that after a long drive through the night. But since then, it's been something of a non-stop cycle of work which even included (would you believe?) a Sunday?

Basically, I've decided that in the interests of moving on the work that needs to be done, I ought to work on whatever needs doing at Cécile's in the morning and then work on mine in the afternoon. At the same time, Cécile came to the conclusion that I'm working in some kind of glorious disorder and that much could be gained if more space was made available at my house, either by arranging things more comfortably and tidily or by disposing of things that are in the way and are not likely to be used.

Consequently, this is what we have been doing. And apart from accomplishing more stuff round at my place, a whole van-load or two of surplus material has been moved from my house round to Céciles, with the aim of cleaning it up and selling it on eBay or Leboncoin. Not only will that make more space, it will make some money too, which is always useful. In the meantime of course, the list of jobs that needs doing at Cécile's is diminishing quite rapidly too. Obviously a win-win situation all round.

But it's not been quite as straightforward as that as I've been struck down (yet again) by bronchitis - me who is hardly ever ill, of course. It's really depressing, this last few months where it's been one thing after another.

And it's not likely to continue either, because I've had some really bad news about a friend back in Brussels and once we've finished recording our radio programmes, I'm heading north. And I've no idea for how long either.

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