Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, I wasn't right ...

... about the weather (we didn't have any snow, just for a change) but I was absolutely right about the interruption. I finished the battening on the one wall and stapled the insulation to it, and was just about to start the counter-battening, thinking that I could have done with a few more afternoons like this, when the phone rang.

It was Marianne, my friend from Brussels. She was quite upset as she's had some bad news about some health issues and so wanted to talk. And this talk went on for well over two hours and of course I lost all of the light.

I'm not really complaining about being interrupted because it's nice to have friends and it's nice to chat, but it's just so frustrating when I had 10 days to do the bathroom and I've really accomplished nothing. What's even worse from that point of view is that I need to go to Brussels for a while very soon and that's going to be another slice of the year gone with nothing accomplished, no matter how nice it is to see and meet up with old friends.

Apart from that, I've finished the writing for the music programme and I've also been doing some tidying up (not too much - you've no need to worry) because Cécile will be travelling home through the night and she's going to come via here. I don't want to frighten her off.

So tomorrow I'll be back at Ice Station Zebra and I'll have no idea when I'll be finishing this blasted bathroom.

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