Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I was dead right ...

... about the weather.

This morning was horribly grey and overcast with a hanging cloud. And it didn't get any better than that either. Talking to Terry a few hours later, he said that it was snowing round by his place, and sure enough in the late afternoon it started chucking it down here too.

With regard to Bill's affairs, it was too cold to go round there and so we stayed at Marianne's and went through a huge pile of paperwork and did the accounts to date. After that I went with Pascal round to Bill's and we moved some more furniture out.

This afternoon was yet another afternoon without working in the bathroom and this is becoming a tale of lost opportunities. Terry wanted to go to Brico Depot and wanted me to go with him. It was only fair and I'm not complaining as after all, a huge pile of stuff was for me but none of this is getting my bathroom done and for the last few weeks I've been continually sidetracked by one thing or another and it's beginning to get on my nerves. What made it worse was that I was building up a list of things that I needed to buy next time I was there, and it went clean out of my head.

This evening I was at St Maurice. There's a series of walks around France taking place every weekend and in 2 months time they will be walking around there, so they had a meeting of potential volunteers. I went along to find out what was happening.

 Back here, it was oven chips and baked beans for tea, and now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow we'll have more hanging clouds and snowstorms. And who is going to come along tomorrow to put me off working in the blasted bathroom?

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