Tuesday, February 12, 2013

after a completely self-indulgent ...

day of rest yesterday, it was time to restart work. And what's more, I managed a good day's worth too, complete with early start.

So after breakfast I cracked on with the radio programme for the forthcoming month and pounded out a couple of thousand words - that's the kind of thing that keeps me out of mischief.

 After lunch it was back into the bathroom again. You can see the progress that I'm making with studding the existing walls. There will be some of that space-blanket insulation stapled onto those and then another layer of studding over the top followed by the plasterboard. And by way of a change, the plasterboard will be tiled.

And quite right too, seeing as it is the bathroom.

Before knocking off I did some tidying up in the barn and also sorted out another bag of wood to bring up here. You can't have too much of that.

I went round to Marianne's later and showed her how to light the fire in her new woodstove. It's the same as mine except that it's narower, but higher. Still the same over on top which I'm sure she'll find useful.

Tomorrow, it's Tuesday and so we'll be round at Bill's again looking for more paperwork. But I wonder what the weather will be like. All through this winter we've had glorious nights with not a cloud in the sky, promising a pile of sunshine and so on, only for the days to be miserable and overcast. We did manage something of a sunny afternoon today (the first time in a year I reckon) and the skies are glorious right now. That means a snowstorm heee tomorrow - just you wait and see.

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