Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's not fair.

Yes, I'm not having much luck with doing this bathroom, much to my dismay.

I had a nice early start to on my radio notes, with the intention of making a good start on the wall this afternoon, but it was not to be. Halfway through the morning session, the phone rang and it was Pascal. Apparently Marianne has run out of heating oil and can't get any until Monday. could I let her have some wood for her new woodstove? And while I'm at it, could I do another load of moving for him this afternoon?

So that was the end of that. I had to sort out a pile of wood for Marianne, and then go with Pascal to Bill's to pick up the furniture that he's bought. That wasn't as easy as it might have been either as Bill's house is at the bottom of a steep bank and in the snow and ice it was rather difficult. Still, we loaded up some of the stuff that Pascal had bought - not all of it as it went dark quickly and I didn't want to be caught out in the snowstorm that was blowing.

But while we were loading up, Bill's neightbour (also a Pascal) drove by in his 4x4. "However did you get here?" he enquired. And so I explained that we had come over the top and down the bank.
"You know that you won't get back up again" he insisted. 
"No problems" I replied. "If we get stuck I'll come back and get you to tow me up the hill"

Anyway, I made it up the bank with no effort at all, and so did Pascal, who's only been driving for a year. It just goes to show.

This evening I watched The Eagle Has Landed. Even though it's nothing like as good as the book (which isn't surprising, as the book is magnificent) it's still an excellent film - thoroughly enjoyable.

Many people though don't realise that there were two follow-up films to it.The first was by Schultz, the creator of the "Peanuts" cartoon strips. His film featured Snoopy returning to his airbase after another scintillating combat with the Red Baron. That film was called "The Beagle Has Landed". The second one features of course the famous Strawberry Moose landing in Montreal on his way to visit his herd in Canada. That is of course called "The Evil Has Landed".

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