Saturday, February 9, 2013

I was in Clermont Ferrand ...

... this afternoon.

Cécile needed to have a file of papers in Clermont Ferrand today and as usual one of the documents wasn't received. The closing date was today and so the form needed to be at her house yesterday but despite my driving through a blizzard and a couple of snowdrifts, no documentt. And that was really the deadline for it to be received at Cécile's in order for it to be posted on.

However a phone call from the village postie this afternoon changed everything. The document had arrived and there was still 90 minutes left before the office in Clermont Ferrand closed.

Mind you, it wasn't easy leaving here. I'd gone down this morning to leave the bread money and found that my neighbour in trying to go somewhere had slid off the track (we'd had anothr shed-load of snow in the night) and gone into a ditch. He's a miserable old so-and-so and we've had a couple of run-ins in the past but you can't leave anyone stranded like that so I spent a merry hour or two helping him dig out his van. Whether or not it changes his behaviour patterns and makes him more agreeable, well, only time will tell, but we do need more solidarity around here.

Anyway, despite the miserable weather conditions I made it to Clermont Ferrand with 10 minutes to spare and so that's now a weight of Cécile's mind at least. It also meant that I could do a monthly shop at the Auchan on my way home.

Apart from that, the floor in the shower room is completely finished, there's a false floor on top (the false floor out of Caliburn as it happens) to protect it from stains and dirt, and I've started on the battening on the wall. With no shopping tomorrow, I'll have an afternoon on there tomorrow and hopefully we might see real progress. You never know.

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