Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm advancing ...

... with this bathroom floor. You can see where I reached when I ran out of wood at the end of the afternoon today.

Well, not exactly ran out of wood. There's another 25m² but of course it is all at Cécile's and I forgot to pick it up on Monday night when I was round there. I'll have to nip round tomorrow some time and pick up the rest.

Having paid a decent amount of money for layer two, it looks much better than the previous layer, as it ought to, but it's still not right and I'm pretty much disappointed with it. But at least it's better than what was there before. and it won't look too bad when it's all done.

THis morning though I was late getting up and what with one thing and another it wasn't until 11:30 that I started work on the computer. I managed to complete the first part of the radio programmes but then Terry came round for a chat and so that was that for a while;

After working on the floor I spent some time making the missing shelf for my unit and then rounding up a pile of firewood. Yes, the days are starting to draw out which is very positive. Summer will soon be here.

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