Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's that time of year again

Yes, it always happens round about now. A certain person's herd starts to assemble in the field just below here. No wonder that His Nibs was so keen to return to Pooh Corner when Cécile went off to visit her mum.

You'll also notice the weather. In fact, today was a strange day. We started off with sunshine and then gusts of wind were continually pushing the clouds around and we were having all kinds of things. Then, about 14:30, we had a dramatic storm for about 30 seconds followed by an hour of the heaviest snow that I've seen in ages.

I had to rescue Caliburn and park him at the top of the hill because I had a furniture removal to do this evening for Pascal and I wanted to be sure that I could move. Driving to St Eloy was certainly interesting.

At Bills this morning we unearthed a few more treasures and another pile of paperwork that was needed. In view of the cold state of the house we also lit a raging fire - there was no shortage of materials to burn. Tons of stuff that wasn't for keeping. If ever such an unfortunate tragedy were to happen to me, it will be just the same here at Pooh Corner.

This afternoon I finally managed to make a start on the shower room floor. As you can see in the pic, the first layer is down. As you know, it's not even at all because of the rubbish quality of the flooring that I used. Teach me to buy cheap stuff. It's going to have a second layer all over the top of it and right through into the bedroom which is just as well because I love wood and the idea of having wooden floors all the way through the house is very appealing.

I've actually started to lay the second layer but I didn't take a photo of where I reached because it was far too dark. You'll have to content yourself with the pic of the first layer, all swept out and cleaned. You must admit that it does look nicer than what was there before - all filthy dirt-impregnated boarding.

In other news, I seem to have a sulking cat. Raoul was trying to grab my dinner this evening so after a couple of "no's" that had no reaction at all, I put hil outside. And after I finished eating and went to call him back in, he sat on the stairs with his back to me, ignoring me. But he eventually gave in and now he's nestled uo against me on the sofa, snoring away. I completely forgot all about this side of a cat's behaviour.

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