Sunday, February 3, 2013

We're still in the grip of winter here

We had yet another heavy snowfall yesterday morning. The fields all around are quite white but luckily it didn't stick to the roads. Nevertheless, it's a sign that we aren't yet over the worst of the weather.

Apart from that, on Tuesday we went round to Bill's and finally managed to find the keys to the Berlingo after much ado about a great deal. Of course, the battery was totally flat and so that's now on a very slow and leisurely charge and we'll see about that in the coming week.

I've also been spending some time dismantling stables and reinforcing doors. There's a little undercurrent running along the brow of the Font Nanaud right now that needs to be nipped in the bud, and as anyone will tell you, prevention is much better than any kind of cure. It's definitely a case of trying to bolt the door before the horse manages to make good its escape.

And with no football last night, we might be lucky and have something later on this afternoon.But if the weather doesn't improve, that's not likely to happen, and we'll be back to our fixture pile-up. All of this makes a total mockery of a winter break in football. There's just been one match since the season restarted at the end of the month, matches were postponed due to snow in October, and yet we could have played almost every weekend during the break.

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