Sunday, March 10, 2013

"I can't get my file to open"

Cécile's been working on a newspaper article about methanisation and the deadline was today. So she had a late night on it last night and went to carry on this morning. But ...

So here I was, at 07:00 on a flaming Sunday morning, with a 1000-word Open Office text document opened in Note Tab as a binary file and removing all of the formatting. It's not my lucky day.

Mind you, last night we were celebrating to some degree. Pionsat were playing Ceyrat in a crunch match near the foot of the table, and a win for Pionsat was vital. With the score 2-1 in their favour but heavily under the cosh I made the remark that the next goal would be crucial. And indeed it was , because it went in Pionsat's favour. Although Ceyrat scored a goal a short while later, Pionsat hit six unanswered goals in the second half to run out winners by a cricket score. Biggest victory I've ever seen them win.

Today, though, the 2nd XI weren't so lucky and playing once more like phantoms, they lost 2-1 to a team that they should have hammered out of sight. I dunno what's up with them right now.

I also spent a couple of hours back in my man-cave at Pooh Corner this evening. Plenty of things to do and it's not getting done just by thinking about it.

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