Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm back ...

... in France again - arriving in the small hours of the morning after a healthy 9-hour (700kms) drive from Brussels - including stopping for fuel etc. There's a lot to be said for travelling on good fast roads through the night.

In Brussels I did manage to accomplish quite a lot even though there are several things that it takes a while becoming used to again, including the amount of sand in the air that settled on Caliburn. The city is built on a large seam of running sand and it pervades absolutely everywhere. I'd completely forgotten about it. Public transport is another thing too and there were one or two occasions when I forgot how it was that I was suposed to be travelling to wherever it was that I was going.

Back here, after a sleep, it was off to record the radio programmes and to pick up some sliding doors at Chamalières - Cécile`s been shopping on leboncoin again.

Now I need to settle back into life here - but not for long though. I'll be going back for Brussels part II in early course. It's all go.

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