Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've been shopping today again.

and for ladies' underwear too (and "no", Rhys, before you ask). Actually, I rather felt like John Steed when he went to buy a new bra for Honor Blackman.
"What size would you like, sir?" asked the assistant
"Size 17 please" replied John Steed
"Size 17, sir?" asked the incredulous assistant. "Are you sure?"
"Absolutely" replied John Steed
"But how did you work that out?" she asked
"Well, you see my bowler hat? That's size eight and a half ..."

Anyway, so ladies' underwear having been bought and a new key cut for the cellar also, I also found some time to go to a new shop that has just opened and selling electronic accessories. As dear as I don't know what, but one thing that they did sell was, for just €6:38, a charger for AA and AAA batteries, but with four different plugs (for Europe, the UK, North America and Asia) and a car cigarette lighter lead. Obviously, that's the kind of thing that's going to live in Caliburn, with all its accessories, and follow me around on all my travels.

I've also been working on the radio programmes today and almost completed the additional notes for one series of programmes. When that's done, I want to do another one too for the following series, and get well ahead while I have the chance. I'd be writing the main text too but I haven't brought any notes with me to do that. It's a struggle to do the gardening stuff without any notes as it is.

I came back from the Porte de Halle tonight on public transport and from the Place Louise I had a charming companion - a young student from the University who had lost her way. We had quite a chat on the tram and then I directed her from the tram stop to where it was that she was going.

And I also managed to fire up the oven. It heated quite nicely and so I made myself a pizza for tea. This really is progress. But tomorrow I have my work cut out. Apart from the usual shopping expedition, I have 19 phone calls to make.

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  1. I wasn't going to ask... I was merely going to suggest that you might find something in your size in the shops for Rubinesque ladies.