Monday, May 20, 2013


Yes, it's been inactive for a couple of months, but that's because I've been in Brussels for a considerable amount of time dealing with a personal matter that has, sadly, now come to its inevitable conclusion, so I'll be on my way home in a day or so.

But I've not been idle.

I've been trying for a year or so to bring my blog "in-house" and at last my web hosting company is now able to offer an embedded blog service for my own website. Consequently I've migrated to there, taking all of the records from this site with me.

To follow the next round of adventures, whatever and wherever they might be, you need to go to the new blog. Thank you for having followed this blog, and thanks also to Blogspot for having hosted it for the last three or four years or so.


  1. I've missed this. I'm glad you are still blogginf. See you over there!

  2. in-house blogging? I blog from the out-house :p