Thursday, April 28, 2011

The best-laid plans and all that ...

... yes, I didn't get very far with the greenhouse today.

This morning I dd the usual couple of hours on the website and then went outside to do battle. I've measured up everything and done my design, so I know how I'm going to build it, but the weather, which was pretty fair this morning, gradually deteriorated and by lunchtime we were having the showers, and I'm not talking about anything to do with OUSA either.

After lunch thr showers were persistent and it was clear that working outside was impossible and so I retired to the barn, where I spent all of the afternoon tidying up in there and making more room to store stuff. And it's amazing what I found in there as well - tons of stuff. I also went through a couple of cardboard boxes from the garage at the old apartment and I've found all of my old songs that I wrote in the days when I used to be a rock star, and wasn't that a long time ago?
"33 years" ... ed

I also made another startling discovery in there, and that's going to take someone by surprise. 1973 was a long time ago!

It's still raining now, but I'm not worried. It will fill up the water butts and it's not as if there isn't anything else to do. Tomorrow's programme depends on the weather.

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